Interview in The Argentinian Independent

By Jessica White, published in The Argentinian Independent, 2011.

Over email, Guillermo Martínez suggests we meet at a cafe on a quiet street in Belgrano. When I arrive on foot, it’s an arty espresso bar that wouldn’t be out of place in an American college town—studious patrons sit in groups, sipping coffee and cradling laptops. Which is fitting, since our interview will focus on his most recent book: the tragicomic tale of an Argentine writer’s year as a visiting professor in just such a college town in the American South. The book, ‘Yo también tuve una novia bisexual’ (‘I Also Had a Bisexual Girlfriend’), excerpted in English here, follows our accidental tourist as he journeys deep into the heart of the former Confederacy, acquiring an intimate knowledge of America’s strengths and foibles along the way. It’s a travelogue, a campus novel, and a sexual coming-of-age.

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